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Cattle Curtain

Invented by farmer Steve Davis, Cattle Curtain was developed to take place of wasteful sprays and back rubs. Designed to help you better apply insecticides to your cattle with far greater ease, Cattle Curtain is the way of the future. This revolutionary device holds insecticides in a reservoir, unexposed to the elements, so it lasts longer. Because the reservoir can be filled using a funnel, there is virtually no waste. When hung at the proper height, Cattle Curtain will work on all sizes of cattle, including calves.

Not only does Cattle Curtain help you save time and effort but it provides a peaceful means for your cattle to be treated without harm or disruption. With Cattle Curtain, everybody wins. If you're interested in having one of these on your farm, be sure to shop online with us! For more details, don't hesitate to give us a call at (501) 412-0698!

Cattle Curtain
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