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A better way to apply insecticide

work smarter, not harder
with cattle curtain!

Cattle Curtain is a revolutionary invention that helps you work smarter rather than harder on the farm! This non-mechanical device allows for an easy application of insecticide to livestock. So how does it work? Essentially, as it's name implies, cattle curtain utilizes an assemblage of ropes that hang from a base. It's through a wicking action that these ropes become concentrated with the insecticide. From there, you simply position your Cattle Curtain to hang in a gate or alley so that insecticide can be wiped on the animals as they pass through the curtain.

It's that easy! Cattle Curtain was created by farmers for farmers so that you can get protect your cattle from pesky flies more effectively.


So why should you choose Cattle Curtain? Beyond it's incredible, hand-free ease of application, Cattle Curtain allows insecticide to be applied to over 80% of the body in one swift motion whereas traditionally applications are only applied along the top of the back. Cattle Curtain is longer-lasting, durable and protects insecticides from the elements. With proper care, it can treat cattle of all sizes and last for years to come.


Invented by farmer Steve Davis, Cattle Curtain came to existence as a means to better protect cattle from flies with an easier application method. Tired of product drying out and poor results, Davis wanted a solution. Since Cattle Curtain houses insecticides within a reservoir, it lasts far longer and can be adjusted to any height with ease! Based out of Amagon, AR the Davis family hopes you will enjoy Cattle Curtain as much as they have!

  • For Cattle Of All Sizes!

    Cattle Curtain allows for cows of all sizes to receive a full insecticide application.

  • Total Coverage

    Unlike traditional application methods, Cattle Curtain covers over 80% of the body!

  • Easy To Install & Adjust

    Cattle Curtain can be attached to virtually anything and easily adjusted to any height!

  • Longer-Lasting

    Since Cattle Curtain houses insecticides in a reservoir your product lasts far longer!

Cattle Curtain
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